Historical Restoration

Steeple Restorations

Fleming and Associates, PA has performed restorations and enhancements to underperforming steeples at several historic churches. Recently, we refurbished the steeple at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Fayetteville. This restoration included replacing rotted and rusted structural members and upgrading the capacity of the framing system to support a refurbished bell system for the church. The project involved providing the contractor and fabricator detailed measurements and custom designs for the modifications to the steeple along with coordination with the bell manufacturer.

Our firm also completed a custom design for the replacement of the main steeple at Hay Street United Methodist Church in downtown Fayetteville. The new steeple was designed to replace a rotted and leaking steeple at the church. The new steeple is partially framed with tube steel and wood and includes an exterior copper skin.  It was constructed by a steel fabricator and completed onsite prior to hoisting into place on customized supports.

Our staff of engineers provided on-site consultation throughout both projects to assist the contractor in providing the owner with a properly designed and constructed steeple.