Fayetteville, NC

This 3 story steel framed building provides clinical and laboratory space, x-ray and exam rooms as well as administrative office and conference space. The building also features a large four story atrium to enhance public safety and security. The elevated concrete on metal deck floors are constructed using composite steel beams that span 35-feet and frame into composite girders spanning 28-feet.  The roof is framed with steel  bar joists,  steel beams, and steel girders that support steel  roof decking.  The roof structure is sloped to interior roof drains to minimize the need for tapered roof insulation. Floor and roof loads are supported by steel columns bearing on concrete spread footings. Lateral stability for the building is provided by steel diagonal bracing. The entrance feature to the building is an exposed structural steel canopy composed of rolled tube steel beams with a polycarbonate honeycomb translucent roof.