Fayetteville, NC

Fleming & Associates was a member of the design team for the 10,900 seat Crown Coliseum constructed alongside the existing Crown Exposition Center.  The Crown is a state-of-the-art complex comprised of a 10,900-seat coliseum, a 9,200-square foot ballroom, an exposition center with 60,000 square feet of unobstructed space. The Crown Coliseum is a proprietary cable roof system designed by Geiger Engineers from New York.  It is a circular structure with an approximately 400 feet clear span cable roof system. Steve Fleming was the structural design engineer for the Exposition Center which includes roof trusses that clear span approximately 200 feet. 

Our firm has extensively managed upgrades and renovations to the coliseum throughout its lifespan, including:

  • Prime consultant to design and manage replacement of the original 152,000 square foot Coliseum roof membrane as well as replacement of exterior wall joint sealant.
  • Prime consultant to design replacement of the high performance coating at exposed structural steel tubular crown.
  • Prime consultant to design waterproofing repairs to the west VIP entrance of the Coliseum. The project consisted of selective demolition, replacement of existing failed waterproofing, and reconstructing the exterior paving system. 
  • Prime consultant to design upgrades to American’s with Disabilities (ADA) upgrades to the coliseum. Improvements included construction of (14) new accessible seating platforms on the main concourse, new accessible seating platforms in all suites, and re-construction of the upper concourse accessible ramp.