Fayetteville, NC

Fleming & Associates has performed restoration techniques and enhancements to unstable storefronts for dozens of buildings for over three decades. Our office has the capability to fully inspect and analyze historical masonry facades and can consult with the owner to determine the steps required to stabilize the facades.

Inspections of historical facades may include brickwork and mortar assessment, evaluation of the building’s overall structure and ties to the exterior facade, and evaluation of settlement problems.  Stabilization techniques used to save underperforming masonry facades have included the installation of deep foundation systems and incorporation of facade ties to the building diaphragms. In cases where facades have been re-built, our office has assisted in thoroughly measuring all of the historical brickwork to enable the design of the new facade to match the design of the original facade along with providing custom structural details and on-site consultation to help ensure the long-term stability of the new facade.