Simmons Army Airfield; Fort Liberty, North Carolina

Fleming & Associates was hired by the Fort Liberty Directorate of Public Works (DPW) though the Fort Liberty MICC Center to provide an assessment report of underperforming envelope elements at the Simmons AAF Air Traffic Control Tower.

To complete the project, we utilized both in-house staff and a team of experienced sub-consultants to perform the tasks in the Statement of Work provided by the Fort Liberty DPW. Field surveys, limited destructive testing, and preliminary calculations were performed over a period of approximately four months to develop a list of underperforming elements and recommendations for repair. Recommendations included practical and durable solutions and were developed using an interactive approach with both the DPW and the building user throughout the project.

Our team’s performance was rated by DPW and MICC as ‘exceptional’ in all (5) CPARS evaluation areas.