Goodwin, NC

This historic church was built in 1858 and first renovated in 1929. Our office was first contacted to determine the cause of a bounce in the floor on the right side of the church. It was during that exploration that we determined that there was extensive insect damage in the perimeter timber girders and columns that were supporting a balcony and the roof. We worked closely with the contractor to slowly re-align the balcony columns and exterior walls with a jacking system. Our office designed new tie-beams that connected the balconies across the sanctuary. We detailed the new wood architectural wrapping of the tie beams to match and blend in with the intricate layers of existing wood trim. The excessively damaged sections of perimeter girders along the foundation wall were removed and replaced with new treated timbers. Tie rods were added in the crawlspace to connect the sidewall perimeter girders and prevent them from rotation.