Fayetteville, NC

The building main level entrance features two steel framed covered walkways with skylights. These covered walkways enter into the single story main lobby of the building which is naturally lighted with a skylight across the width of the building. West of the main lobby is a single story, 160-feet long by 52-feet wide open meeting room spanned with long span steel bar joists supported by steel beams and steel columns.  East of the main lobby is the five-story tower that includes a basement “ground level” formed along the west side by a 14-feet tall cast-in-place basement wall.

Additionally, there is approximately 5,500 square feet of mechanical penthouse above the tower roof level. The tower elevated floors are concrete on metal deck supported by steel beams that frame into composite girders.  The tower roof consists of steel roof decking supported by steel bar joists and steel beams. Lateral stability for the building is provided by steel diagonal bracing. Spandrel beams at each floor level were designed to support the exterior precast concrete facade. The tower steel columns are supported on concrete pile cap foundations over driven HP-piles. The tower features two five-story, 26-feet by 26-feet open stairwells capped with skylights. The structural steel monumental stairs were designed by our office to cantilever from the floor system.