Higher Education

Fayetteville State University Renaissance Hall Dormitory

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Size: 81,723 square feet plus 547 square feet of terrace

Architect: sfL+a Architects

Contractor: Metcon

Budget: $13,000,000

This three story, 338 bed dormitory building is comprised of two dormitory wings divided by a core area that supplies a kitchen, laundry, fitness room, and various activity rooms. The 2nd floor core area opens onto a 547 square feet elevated terrace. The dormitory rooms are primarily double occupancy bedrooms with bathrooms. However, there are several four bedroom suites per floor that include bathrooms and a common living room and kitchenette. The dormitory wing structure is comprised of hollow core plank floors and roof supported by load bearing concrete masonry walls. The core area is steel framed (beams and columns) with hollow core plank floor and roof slabs. This project utilized aggregate piers for soil improvement.