K-12 Schools

Blenheim (SC) K-8 Elementary/Middle School

Location: Blenheim, SC

Size: 104,000 square feet

Architect: sfL+a Architects

Contractor: Edcon Construction Company

Budget: $18,000,000

The main portion of the building houses the classrooms, Administration offices, and the Media Center.  This majority of the building is two story load-bearing c.m.u. steel floor joists and a metal form deck and concrete slab.  The roof framing consists of double pitched steel joists and a metal roof deck.  The area at the main entrance is framed with steel columns and beams.  The Kindergarten Wing and Cafeteria Wing are one story and are located on each end of the two story portion of the building.  There is also an Auditorium and Gym which each have mechanical mezzanines.