Historical Restoration

New Roof and Renovations at 1st Presbyterian Church

Location: Bennettsville, SC

Size: 4,300 sq ft

Client: 1st Presbyterian Church

Contractor: FBI Construction

Budget: $654,000

This project began with our firm investigating the "sagging" roof trusses that are located over the sanctuary of the 100 year old church.  These heavy timber parallel chord roof trusses spanned approximately 60'-0 and were supported on the exterior brick load-bearing walls.  The ornate sanctuary tin ceiling was connected to the bottom chord of the timber trusses.  The heavy timber roof trusses were showing signs of failure and the sanctuary was not able to be used until the repairs were made. 

Due to the difficulty of repairing the existing trusses and also keeping the sanctuary protected from the weather, it was decided to install a hipped steel roof joist system supported on top of the existing brick parapet.  The parapet had to be strengthened with steel in order to support the weight of the new steel roof structure.  Taking this approach allowed the new roof to be installed and the roof "dried in" before demolishing the failing timber roof trusses.  A new FRP ceiling was installed to match the original ornate tin ceiling tiles.  These new ceiling tiles were screwed to light gage metal stud framing that was connected to steel tubes suspended from the bottom chord of the new steel roof framing.  Some repairs were also made to the wood lathe and plaster walls.