Higher Education

NCSU Becton, Bagwell, and Berry Hall Renovations and Honors Village Commons

Location: Raleigh, NC

Architect: sfL+a Architects

Budget: $15,900,000

Year Completed: 2005

The new 9,190 square feet, two-story Honors Village Commons Building provided a C-Store, lobby, offices, and a central mail facility for the dormitory complex. The 2nd floor opens onto a 630 square feet balcony. Above the 2nd floor is a 390 square feet mechanical mezzanine. The hip and gable roof is framed with structural steel beams and steel decking. The 2nd floor, mezzanine floor and balcony are composite beam construction (concrete on metal deck).  Lateral stability is provided by concrete masonry shearwalls.

New four story 1,890 square feet stair/elevator towers were added to the north ends of the existing Becton and Bagwell Dormitories. Basement level walls are predominantly cast-in-place concrete. The floors were constructed with cast-in-place floor slabs supported by load bearing concrete masonry walls and the cast-in-place concrete basement walls. Structural lintels were provided for new openings in the existing building walls.

A new interior four story concrete masonry elevator shaft was added in Berry Hall. The installation of the elevator pit required underpinning of the nearby existing building column. The existing floors were composed of concrete supported by steel bar joists. The existing concrete and steel joists were saw cut for the placement of the elevator shaft, the ends of the joists were modified and resupported on the new concrete masonry shaft walls.

During construction, our office discovered that the majority of the basement in Bagwell was excavated at some time following the original construction, thus undermining the existing footings. Existing brick perimeter "kneewalls" that had been built to support the inside face of the concrete footings were cracking and failing. Soil from below the footings was seeping through weeps in the brick into the basement. Our office designed bracing to stabilize and support the kneewalls. After consultation with Scott Harshman, a geotechnical engineer, our office prepared details and specifications for the infill of voids below footings at the weep locations.

Our office also designed various new exterior concrete stairs and repaired existing exterior concrete walkways between the dormitory buildings. Mechanical renovations necessitated new cast-in-place concrete areawells along the basement of Bagwell that also required new lintel openings in the existing wall. Repairs to Bagwell Hall included first floor concrete pan joists that had exposed and rusted reinforcing due to poorly consolidated concrete during original construction.